Wholesaling Your First House? Gimme a K.I.S.S.

Wholesaling Your First House:
When I worked down on Wall St over 11 years ago, we had an acronym
that we used to follow... it was KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).
The reason we followed the KISS method is because as beginners
(on Wall St.) we had the tendency to over complicate things, and
the business was much easier than we made it.
The funny thing is, I find that beginning real estate investors do
the same thing.  They tend to make the business much harder than
what it really is.  I was guilty of it too.
Therefore, the KISS method needs to be applied in the real
estate business as well.
In order to "keep it simple stupid", you need to understand the 3
main components of the business and apply them daily.  
This business is truly a rinse and repeat type of business.  Simply
do what works and don't stop.  Don't reinvent the wheel, and follow
others who have been there and done that so to speak.
Those 3 components that you need to follow are to:
1. Continue Marketing- This is the life blood of your business
2. Find Buyers and find out what they want- I showed you an easy
way to do this in yesterday's email
3. Find properties that meet your sellers criteria and make money.
That's it!  That's how you KISS.
... and if you can remember to "keep it simple stupid", and put some
effort into you're business, then there's no way you will fail.
So remember, when someone asks you to KISS , then you know it's
time to simplify.
And if you want to skip the learning curve and follow a system that
works and is "simple" to follow... 
...then watch this video now >>>
Now go and take action!
~ Jamel

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