Multiple Streams of Leads when Wholesaling Properties

Wholesaling Properties:

Most people don't understand the concept behind what wholesaling

Most investors think that wholesaling houses means that you are
simply... flipping houses.

But savvy wholesalers understand that marketing is the key to
making consistent cash flipping houses.

Simply put, the better your marketing, the better your bank account.

So, what types of leads should you focus on in this market, when
you're marketing for leads?

Personally, I'm a big fan of REOs and absentees.

But more recently, I'm becoming a fan of short sales as well. Believe
it or not, short sales can be wholesaled to other investors and end

And the best part about it is, you dont have to go through all of
the paperwork that the short sale process usually requires, it's
almost as easy as assigning contracts, and just like reos and absentees,
these leads are easy to find.

Theres no secret that foreclosures are one of the best leads
sources available. That includes reos and short sales. The
problem is, short sales are so stinking hard to get done and there
is no guarantee that you will close the deal.

Not anymore...

If you want more information on how you can get started wholesaling
short sales and eliminating the usual short sale headaches...

...then register for this up coming webinar now >>>

Tomorrow I will spill the beans on how the process works in a little
more detail.

Talk Soon!

~ Jamel

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