Wholesaling HUD Properties: How to Flip Government Foreclosures on this Site

Yesterday's post was about a webinar that's coming this

If you haven't signed up yet do so here >>>

Today, I've decided let you in on a little bit of what'll be
covered on the webinar.

If you've been around real estate investing for any amount of time,
then you know that investing in HUD properties can be very
lucrative… especially when you're "wholesaling" them.

If you wanted to get started wholesaling HUD properties, here's
what you need to know…

1. You need a Realtor that is HUD approved and can submit the deals
for you.  They are VERY easy to find, AND this allows you to
automate your business.

2. You can find properties across the country by going to
HUDHomestore.com.  The problem is MOST investors don't know how to
win the bidding on the properties.  So they think that these deals
are not worth going after…


You're going to learn how to determine if you're offer will be
accepted or not (in advance) on Thursday's webinar… sign up here >>>

3. Once you have an accepted offer, you'll have to get your
"package" in ASAP (like within 48 hours. ) If you don't, you will
lose the deal.

BTW, you're "package" is your contracts.  (Hint: Don't send it
through the post office, you have to use UPS and you'll see why on

4. Once your offer is accepted you'll have a few weeks to close the
deal.  This will give you more than enough time to show the
property to your buyers and sell the property.

5. The safest way to close (wholesale) a HUD deal is by using the
double close method.  Therefore, you'll need transaction funding.

All of this and more will be discussed on Thursday's webinar in
more detail.  HUD deals are very lucrative if you know what you're
doing.  And on Thursday you'll be ready to go!

Sign up for the webinar here >>

Now go make some money!



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