Wholesaling Houses- In the Trenches with Karen from Hampton VA

 Check out how one of my newest students just landed $10,000 wholesaling houses.

Listen in Now: 

Here’s a video that she created (Be sure to go to my Youtube channel and “Like” the video.)

And Finally… Here’s the Proof:

Wholesaling Houses  In the Trenches with Karen from Hampton VA

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3 thoughts on “Wholesaling Houses- In the Trenches with Karen from Hampton VA

  1. Hi Jamel! Great videos! I’ve been watching you for almost 3 weeks now, and I think I’m ready to get out there and make this happen. Im in GA, and I’m still trying to find a investor friendly title company. I’m also without a vehicle right now, so it’s a little challenging to get out and about. But, I have found a realtor. He sent me the list of cash buyers who purchased within the last 90 days, so I’m doing my market research. I’m gonna get those letters out to them as soon as I can. But, I noticed that there is a house that is banked owned like 2 doors down from me! I kno it all depends on the price, but Wat do I do to try to get first dibbs on that house?

  2. Congratulations! Jamel I am very happy that you were able to help her, but it does not surprise me as I believe you are a great coach and mentor. I am on SS and can not afford the program. When I can, I will.

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