Wholesaling Houses for Newbies

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews and content calls with some of the biggest names in the real estate investing arena.  I’ve been gearing these calls towards newbies and veteran investors.  In fact, I had some veteran investors contact me and say that they have learned a lot from these calls.

This information is practical, actionable info and I encourage you to listen to them and ultimately take action.  Some of my recent interviews were with Terry Wygal, Tim Mai and the DoDeals.com community, Darius Askaripour and many others.

They have all asked me what I am doing in my business to get so many deals on a monthly basis (if you are on my buyers list then you would know what I mean.)  So because I’ve been offering this content for them, I also wanted to give you one of these calls as well.    This is Wholesaling Houses for Newbies… enjoy!

Listen to the call and take action TODAY!!!

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12 thoughts on “Wholesaling Houses for Newbies

  1. Jamel,

    Needed to replace my computer and had not purchased your course that I had recently emailed you about, and after getting back in business during the last 2 days you have had eye opening information from listening to two(2) webinars which you offered and the material covered was full of content which I am sure that your list of email “friends” enjoyed and learned from. I am glad at your success and inspiration which you have given us.

    Thanks Jamel.

  2. Thanks for the comment Geoffrey. It’s all about grabbing the bull by the horns and taking MASSIVE Action.

    I am closing deals in today’s market all the time. And this is what I am showing people how to do. But again, it’s up to the person to take ACTION.

    Thanks again!

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  4. Hey Jamel, I really enjoyed listening to your interview, you are definitly the real deal. You still have the best Wholesale course out there HANDS DOWN….. Take care.

  5. Hey Jamal

    Love what your doing, your an inspiration would love to have you as a mentor.

    I am “In the game” currently doing successful short sales in Detroit MI. I am looking to break into wholesaling properties, I would like to know how to contact and approach bank REO agents to get desired properties “under contract”

  6. Hi Jamel!~

    I have purchased quite a few courses and have also been reading yours as well. It seems that there is one factor that is missing in everything that I read. When you are trying to close an REO deal and you have to use the title company that the lender has selected, how do you get around it if they dont facilitate double closings??? This is a huge road block for me in Houston, as I have gotten several properties under contract only to find out that the title company that the bank has selected has no idea what I am talking about when I call and ask info on providing the things that I need as an investor. It seems like this is a HUGE secret and a HUGE part of the puzzle that is missing, being that if you cant close the deal how do you get paid flipping REOs? Please help! Thanks!

  7. How do you close on the deals when the banks title company have no idea about double closings and transactional funding? what are some of the techniques to get those deals closed. can you manipulate the system and use your own title company? Do you have to pass on the deals where the title company does not know about investment closing techniques?

  8. I am loving every article i have read so far. So much detailed info!

  9. Great information, straight to the point and precise. Super Motivator. I have had so many questions, and this has motivated me to get started now, especially since there is minimal cost involved. Jamels information is right on. Great job J, and thanks to your host as well. God bless…..

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