Why Wholesaling High Equity Homes Are Overrated

When wholesaling houses, high equity homes are usually
the only lead source on an investor’s radar, and for
good reason.

-They provide great deals that can put lots of cash in
a wholesaler’s pockets fast.

-They allow investors lots of control

-And if done right, they can be easy to find…

… just to name a few benefits.

But are wholesaling high equity homes the “end all be all” for wholesalers?

I kinda don’t think so, chief.

Actually, nowadays there are more “Low equity” opportunities
that can be ripe for the taking.

See what I’m talking about here>>>

In fact, “Low equity” homes are much easier to find
in this market than high equity homes.

The reason for this is because of the ol’ market peak
a few years back that had people paying waaay more for
houses than they should have.

Now, those same homeowners can’t sell their properties in
the green because they owe more to the bank than what the
house is worth.

In addition to that, since 2008 bankruptcies alone increased
by over 35%, not to mention all of the other credit problems
that buyers are facing these days.

This means that for many people its tough to get a mortgage to
buy a house. But there is a solution to this problem…

Check out this video to see what I’m talking about >>>

One of my favorite ways to find low equity houses is by using
Craigslist. I also use Craigslist to find buyers for these deals

So, don’t knock low equity deals. Most investors will throw
these leads away (I’m guilty of doing this in the past too).

But if you are willing be a little creative, there’s a ton of deals
out there that will more than likely have no competition.

If you wanna learn how you can take advantage of low equity deals
click here and watch this video>>>


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