Buyer Tip for Wholesaling Apartment Buildings

Today, I wanted to give you a quick tip on how to find buyers for apartment buildings. This is one of the easiest ways to find buyers when wholesaling apartment buildings.

The average profit on an apartment building wholesale flip is usually around 1-2% of the actual value of the building.

What that means is, if an apartment building is worth $5 million dollars, then your net profit would be $50,000 if you were charging a 1% wholesale fee.

You can find great deals using the methods in this video >>

But if you don't have buyers lined up, then you can't make the 50 G's.

So here's an easy way to find buyers to flip apartment buildings to…

Step 1: Look in the local newspapers for management companies that have apartments for rent

Step 2: Call up the management companies and ask them for the address of the properties

Step 3: Go to the tax assessor's site in your area and cross reference the property address

Step 4: Once you have the owner's info, get their phone number on or send them a letter.

Step 5: Add them to your property alert list.

It's that simple.

BTW- If you want more tips on how to find buyers for your apartment building deals...

Then watch this video >>

The video is coming down in a few hours.

Now go make some money.


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