Where were you on September 11, 2001?

Hey Guys,

Today is 9-11 and I just wanted to post this to see your responses!!

I was 2 blocks away from the towers working at a currency spot trading firm on wall st. during 9-11. It was the most scariest day of my life. I thought I was going to die that day. Tough for a 20 year old kid at the time. We felt the impact in our building like the first plane actually hit the building we were in. That’s how hard the first plane hit the towers.

I had to wait 3 hours for the staten Island ferry to come because the police weren’t letting anyone over the Brooklyn bridge… (i’m from brooklyn). it was NUTS!! When the first tower fell I was a few blocks away at the ferry terminal and ended getting all of the dust all over me. The second tower fell while I was on the boat.

When the first plane hit and as we were outside you could hear the bodies of the people that were jumping; hitting the ground. We didn’t know that the people were jumping at the time. And we watched as the second plane hit. Brings tears to my eyes sometimes knowing that I got out of that alive. My regards to anyone who has lost someone on that day.

Please leave your experiences below…

-Jamel Gibbs

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  1. I got a call from one of my brothers, he told me to turn on the TV. When I did, my jaw dropped I am a Fireman in Miami, and was a probie at the time (9/11). 343 is a number we will NEVER FORGET and 9/11 is a day we will long remember.

    My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone on that day.

  2. I lived 3 miles from Dulles airport (one of the planes took off from there).I was working for a school system in Northern VA. Many of the students we worked with had parents who worked downtown and at the Pentagon. Rumors were flying that they were targeting and hitting different buildings in DC. We were in lock-down and trying to act as business-as-usual to keep the children calm.
    I have family in NY and was worried about them. I could not reach them until after midnight. I found out that my cousin, who was a carpenter for one of the downtown hospitals, volunteered to help with the search. He asked his boss if he could take the tools he needed to cut through the twisted steel. His boss gave him tools and a partner. He did not go home for 16 hours. His sister stayed at the school where she worked to supervise the over 500 children who still hadn’t been picked up from school at 9PM. No one knew if the parents were just having trouble negotiating the tangle of traffic and transit, or if they were going to be coming to get their child ever again. I am a “tough New Yorker” but this is one event that still freaks me out. The ripple effect was far-reaching beyond the innocent people who died that day.

  3. Mr. Gibbs

    9-11 was a very horrible day. Were still paying for that day. THere’s a song by Allen Jackson called Where were you when the world stop turning. If you haven’t listen to it or ever heard it. you will want to. Mr. Jackson wrote this song on 9-11 after he heard about what happen. He wrote this song in just about 5 minutes. The money that this song as made and still makes, He gives it back to the community.
    I sat down and wrote a poem that simular to that song. THere are some differences though.
    I come from a little town in Michigan, Where people help each other out just because its the right thing to do. We don’t get mad if we don’t get paid. We did what we did and the things that we did to help.
    Here’s what I did. There was a farmer that was hauling his crops away to make money, He did it himself to make money. His wife was at home with the kids and the daughter always needing to go to the doctor. The drive way that they had would always wash out and leave bad ruts. The farmer didn’t make alot of money, But made enough to keep the farm going and keep his family warm. Well I went on day and I decide to help this family out. I grade there driveway I put a base coat and some stone made it nice and smooth and then I poured concrete in this driveway. 22 yards actually. Well they came home after a trip and saw a concrete driveway. They I worked with concrete, So they came over and ask me If I had anything to do with there driveway. Well because I can’t lie and I’m a straight forweard person. I said yes. He said to take it out I can’t afford to pay you. I said i know, He said then take it out. I said no, I took the time to pour it I want you to enjoy it. He ask why did you do such a task. I said you work really hard to keep your family warm, fed, in close, and healthy, I don’t want a dime for that driveway. However what I do want is for you to be able to get out of the driveway when your little girl needs to go to the hospital. He said that’s why you did that? I said yes, HE said I can’t pay you. I said sir by you planting your fields and harvesting them and working the hours you do, To haul it away, I’m able to eat, Because of you and many other farmers in the world I have food on my table to feed my kids. I think you understand how the story goes. That is a 12,000 dollar story. Thats what it cost for me to do that driveway. To this day I don’t regret doing that. In fact every year I get a christmas card from the family and little girl that says. My friend with a heart that cares, Who made my journey in life longer, because I could get out of my driveway to go get my treatments.
    Anyways I’m sorry this ended being so long. To bad things like this can’t happen in Real Estate Investing. However when I get to the stage where I can help people. I will take so many people a month, Maybe 1 maybe 3 I will teach them how to invest in Real Estate. I’ll end up getting paid for it. It just won’t be at that moment.

  4. I was watching the news on TV while getting ready to go to my office when the surreal view of the first plane’s damage to Tower #1 aired.

    After witnessing the second plane crash into Tower #2, and the announcer’s comments confirming that this had been a terrorist attack upon the United States, on American soil (which became reinforced after the other planes targeted the Pentagon++) my first thought was, “Well, it finally happened!—

    As horrible as this was, my second thought was, “IT’S ABOUT TIME that the U.S. got this shocking wake-up call!”. WHY?

    About TWENTY YEARS earlier, I volunteered as an “instant translator” (French-English-French) for the Chief of the Securite of Paris (he and his elite team later captured
    CARLOS: “The Most Wanted World Terrorist” at the time)…

    This was part of a global anti-terrorist summit held behind closed doors in Universal City, CA. Attendees represented top Agencies, including the “New Scotland Yard” (GB), the Israeli-trained “GS-G9” (Germany), the F.B.I (U.S.A.)+++

    I still have a file full of photos, copies of letters and other Top Secret documents dealing with various terrorist groups from the Basque country (Spain-France), the “Red Brigade” (Germany), North African Muslims and the “Black Sabbath” (France), as well as U.S.-based hate groups.

    Various arms, home-made and more sophisticated explosive devices, cover-up techniques, etc. were demonstrated and letters from known terrorist leaders containing direct threats and “plans” to USE these and other lethal methods “on the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace AND the White House” were part of what all participants saw and heard during that summit conference on anti-terrorism.

    The U.S. Government and other Agencies were FULLY AWARE
    of these VERIFIABLE menaces, yet allowed the general public to go on their merry way as if this nation were above such attacks…which is why I thought what I did (above).

  5. I was making my way into NY from New Jersey, there was a lot of traffic and I decided to call the office in Manhattan to let them know I would be late, when I called the telphone attendant informed me that there had been an accident involving a plance that collided with the WTC, I thought it was an accident and just as I continue to talk with him, he said ” And another plane just hit the other tower!” that’s when I realized that something very wrong was going on and decided to head over the area across the river from WTC on the NJ side and I witness the horror, then a bigger horror when I saw the first tower and then the second tower collapsed. Very Sad day!!

  6. I was getting my foster kids ready for school. There was shock, so I hurried the kids out the door. What struck in my mind was the children, the children who lost their parents. The long term effect of this tragedy and the impact it would have on the lives and hearts of the very young. Those too young to understand how a country that is supposed to be so united and safe, opened it doors to the world, and this peril struck a cord in the hearts of all of America, that will never be the same again.

    God Bless America, watch over us. Help us to be safe. Hug the hearts of those who lost loved ones, and remember those who sacrafriced to save our nation. Amen

  7. At 6:00am my phone rang and it was my son calling from Texas saying “Dad dad turn on the TV, the 3rd world has started”.
    I was in New Zealand and thought he was joking.
    I remember realizing how quickly things can change (over night) and that the world, as we now know it, is not that dependable anymore and that the only thing that never changes is our faith. Sometimes the sadder the day the more positive impact it has on us all. May we gain inward strength from this and never forget and mourn for the loved ones we lost.

  8. I work for an agency of the US Dept of Justice whose headquarters are literally across the freeway from the Pentagon. I had just heard about the plane(s) crashing into the twin towers in NY and was standing in a corridor talking to a coworker. As if on cue, I had just uttered the words “If the Pentagon every gets hit, we’re toast.” It seemed like not a split second later that the plane went into the Pentagon. We were told to evacuate immediately. I remember wandering around on the ground when I got out for awhile before finally making my way to a pay phone to call my mom (I had left my cell phone in the office). I then wandered around some more, feeling the outrage at what had happened. Not knowing that the Metro (DC’s subway system) was open, I waited for my bus home, which had been re-routed from the Pentagon over to the Pentagon City area. People were literally piling onto whatever bus they could get on. I remember it took about 2 hours just to get around the block; the freeway was closed, I assume due to what hads happened. I got off the bus sometime after that and made my way to the metro train and home.

    I still work in the same agency but in a different office. Though wounds have healed since that day they still feel fresh when the anniversary comes around.

  9. I was on my way to work and had heard about the twin towers in New York and as I appoached my office on Columbia Pike, in Falls Church, Va. I was shaking and crying while parking my automobile, then going into the building to inform my supervisor, I was going back home. While standing on the 9th floor of our office building my supervisor and I was looking out the window toward the Pentagon and saw the Plane go into the building. Oh! my God! I cried and started running out of the office to my car and proceeded to try to get back home in Maryland. The 14th street bridge was blocked and I tried to go around the 495 beltway and it was backed up and I then attempted to go south on 395 for about 20 miles to cross over to 301 to go home from southern Maryland. During my ride my cell phone kept ringing, but no connections. This made me intensely afraid, especially hearing over the radio that there were other planes attempting to get to the White house. As I drove into my neighborhood, my neighbors were all in the street running to hug me because they thought I still worked in the Pentagon. I did not still work there but we had an office in the basement where the plane went down and we lost lives of co-worker in the crash and the healing has never been totally dealt with.

    I seriously wanted to leave my job after that terrible, horrible day, but I did not have the time. When the time came that I could, in May 2008, I quickly left the entire area as fast as I could. I now reside here in Jacksonville, Fl. Out of my desperation to leave I don’t know if this was a good idea or not, so far it is definitely quieter.

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