REI Inside Scoop: What Makes A Good Lead?

What Makes A Good Lead?
Believe it or not, sometimes you have to walk away from "so called"
I went to see a house on Monday that  I have to pass up on.  After
doing my research on the property before hand it seemed like a
really good deal.
I mean the price was right, the location was stellar, and the house
fit the criteria.  All arrows pointed to a deal...
When I got to the house it was a different ball game.  In fact, the
house needed to be knocked down and I would never make an offer on
I understand that we are in this business to help people, but we
are not in business to hurt ourselves.
Therefore, we have to know when to take a deal and also when to
walk away from a deal.
Now just so we're clear, this property is a different property from
the one that I discussed in this video >>>
If you haven't seen my email from yesterday, I just posted a video
(1 of 3) showing you how to spot good deals.
Watch it here >>>
In this video, I show you how I received a lead and I also gave you
a behind the scenes look at what we do with our leads in order to
qualify them.
This is all part of my REI method.
Incase you didn't hear yet, REI stands for:
And it works with residential and commercial real estate as you'll
see this week.
For now,  watch this video >>>
And wait for the second video which will be released tomorrow.
In the second video, I'll show you how I locked the deal up.
It's actually a great deal!
Now go and take action.
~ Jamel

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