Tax Delinquent Properties: Why You Should NOT Buy At The Auction

Listen In As I Grill One of the Nation's Leading Investors in Tax Delinquent Properties


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Real estate auctions provide some great deals. You can literally pick up great properties for pennies on the dollar.

But along with the pros, there are also some cons when purchasing tax delinquent properties at the auction.

In reality, you get much better deals purchasing tax delinquent properties before the auction and even after the auction.

Here are 3 HUGE benefits of NOT picking up properties at the auction...

1. You can eliminate the competition because everyone is focusing on the auction properties.

2. You don't need a lot of money to get started.

3. You can skip the negotiation hurdles as well, and you'll see why when you listen to the audio below.

Listen in as I grill Tax Sale Investing expert Corey Taylor and get him to spill the beans on his tax sale strategies...

... and why he NEVER purchases auctioned properties.

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Remember to implement and take action.


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