Why Landlords and Rehabbers Are Your Target Buyers In this Market

Read on if you're looking for your target buyers in this market!
I just got back from Greensboro NC.  My wife and I celebrated our
7th year Anniversary on Sunday.
We had a great time!
The cool part is that I started giving her gifts last Monday (7
days before the actual anniversary and each day leading up to it).
It was a cool experience and reminded me of my reason WHY I am in
the real estate business.
Anyway, before I left last week I was chatting with one of my
mortgage brokers that's on my team, and we were talking about how
this market is currently an "appreciation market."  This means that
the market is starting to turn and home prices are going up again.
If you noticed over the past few months or more, homes are selling
much faster at higher prices.  This means that more landlord buyers
will be purchasing more houses to hold onto for the next 5 years or
so.  It also means that more rehabbers will be showing their faces
This is GREAT news if you're wholesaler, because more buyers equals
more deals.  And more deals equals more money in your pockets.
Then you can take your profits and invest in cash flowing
properties too.  Which in turn, gives you residual income.
In fact, I'm going to have ANOTHER $40,000 month in April.  Hey, 
I haven't always been at this level... I had to really sharpen my sword to 
get there.
Listen to me when I tell you… if you're NOT positioned to win right
now you WILL be missing out big time.
And if you don't take action NOW, then 6 months from now when you
start noticing more houses selling in your area, you will be
kicking yourself.
NOW is the time to take action and that's EXACTLY why I am sending
you these daily emails so that you can stay on top of what's going
on in your market.
Bank owned properties and private owned properties are hands down
THE BEST deals available.  I don't care what the "gurus" say.
I know what works because I am in the market just like YOU.
And if you want to know how to position yourself to win in this
market, then...
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Now go and take action!
~ Jamel

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