Sep 23

[Case Study] How Matt Made $10k on a DEAD Wholesale Deal

Hey, Today, I wanted to share my newest case study with ANOTHER student that completed his first wholesale deal. This student went from being a customer service and sales rep to making his first $10k in real estate this past … Continue reading

Jun 26

Wholesaling Pretty Houses- Unflippable Houses for Unloanable Buyers

Did you know that there is a way to get started wholesaling pretty houses? Read today’s post to find out how… Over 95% of real estate investors flip houses to 25% of the available buyer pool. That leaves another whopping 75% of … Continue reading

Jun 19

Net Income Real Estate Online Itinerary Enclosed

Excuse the long post below, but today’s the day where Net Income Real Estate has released the itinerary for their FREE ‘Find, Fund and Flip’ online, multi-speaker full-day real estate training event…which is this Thursday, June 20th starting at 11am … Continue reading

Jun 17

Real Estate Training: Your Pass To An ONLINE Real Estate Event

  I have BIG news for you. I’m going to be speaking at Net Income Real Estate’s LIVE, full-day online Real Estate training event that they’re holding on June 20th and I’m SUPER EXCITED about it. You’re the FIRST to … Continue reading

Jun 05

Big Brother is Selling…

I was looking at a report earlier today which showed that as of the final quarter of last year and going into this year HUD had 741,384 homes sitting in shadowed inventory. According to DSNews… “…the number of REO inventories … Continue reading

May 23

How to Spot a Good Deal

First off, if you missed last night’s webinar then here is another chance to check it out.  Tomorrow I will be holding 2 encore presentations. You can choose your encore time here>>> Now, on with today’s lesson. One of the … Continue reading

May 22

Things you MUST Outsource in Your REI Business… Or You Will FAIL!

Up until 5 or so years ago, I tried to do everything in my REI business.  I was the guy who wore all the hats.  Although I’ve learned much about the business because of that experience, I feel as if … Continue reading