Jan 11

The Master Lease Option Assignment Step By Step

So, what exactly is a “Master Lease Option Assignment“? To keep things simple… An Option Contract gives an investor many of the same rights as ownership without actually ever owning the property. In the legal world, its called – EQUITABLE … Continue reading

Jan 01

Real Estate Investing Business- Make The Best Out of this New Year

Question: What do Donald Trump, Jamel Gibbs and YOU all have in common today? Answer: We all have the same 24 hours in a day AND… Each year on January 1st we all start from $0. The difference maker is … Continue reading

Jun 05

Wholesaling REO Houses- In the Trenches with Jamel Gibbs and Brian from Atlanta

Brian from Atlanta (who decided to remain camera shy) is one of my students who just flipped his first REO property in under 60 days. Now he is looking to step up his game by wholesaling REO houses in the Atlanta, GA market more frequently. Continue reading

Apr 19

Does The Asking Price on a Property Matter when Wholesaling Houses?

I was just thinking about a deal that I recently put together this past Friday and thought it may be good advice for you when wholesaling houses.  A seller called on a bandit sign that one of my guys put … Continue reading

Apr 10

How to Use Comparable Sales to Find Cash Buyers

For the past 2 weeks I have been traveling and just enjoying life.  I spent last weekend on Baltimore Harbor, then my family and I went down to Greensboro North Carolina for a few days.   Then we spent this past weekend … Continue reading

Dec 30

Wholesaling Houses- In the Trenches with Jason Freeman

Listen in as another one of my successful students explains how he started wholesaling houses less than a month ago and received his first check already with more deals in the pipe line. Continue reading

Dec 03

Wholesaling Houses- In the Trenches Call with Jamel Gibbs and Ray Wilson

Listen in as Ray Wilson of Fort Worth Texas explains how he used some simple strategies in order to do 4 wholesale deals within a short few months. Continue reading

Sep 21

House Flipping and Negotiating with Motivated Sellers

When negotiating with motivated sellers don’t be afraid to renegotiate your contract price with the seller if the deal is not selling to your cash buyers. Use the house flipping tip in this video to start wholesaling houses now. Continue reading