Apr 22

3 Ways to Profit on Judgement Liens (one way is super fast)

Below is an actual case study of the 3 ways you can make money with judgment liens. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, a judgment is a legal document stating that a debt is owned from one party in … Continue reading

Feb 05

Buyer Tip for Wholesaling Apartment Buildings

Today, I wanted to give you a quick tip on how to find buyers for apartment buildings. This is one of the easiest ways to find buyers when wholesaling apartment buildings. The average profit on an apartment building wholesale flip is … Continue reading

Feb 04

How to Invest In The BEST Commercial Property Types Using A Master Lease Option

There are certain commercial property types that you can purchase using a Master Lease Option.   If you want to use the following commercial property types, make sure that you’re searching for underperforming properties that are bringing in income.   Also … Continue reading

Jan 31

Commercial Master Lease Option Method Revealed

Today, let’s talk about the Commercial Master Lease Option Method. A few weeks ago I sent you some information on how to use the Master Lease Option in your “residential” real estate investing. This is a method that’s “just right” … Continue reading

Jan 30

The Truth About Commercial Real Estate Investing

Hey, There’s an obvious difference between commercial real estate investing and residential real estate investing. But, there’s also a lot of similarities. For instance… 1. You can make a lot more money in commercial real estate investing because the prices are … Continue reading