Why having the right systems makes all the difference

The other day we spoke about why companies like McDonalds are able to make money in multiple "satellite" locations without having a main headquarters in that market.

The key to doing this is by having the right systems in place.

For instance, you should have a complete system set up for:

1. Lead Generation- How will you generate leads? This is the life blood of your business and without incoming leads your phone will not ring. And if your phone is not ringing, then you're not in business.

2. Acquisitions- Who will qualify the incoming leads in your business?

Again, you don't want to do this yourself after your first couple of deals. This not good use of your time. So what systems can you put in place in order to avoid having to do this yourself.

3. Negotiations- Negotiating deals may be good use of your time, but in order to truly run a virtual, hands free business eventually you'll need to remove yourself and have someone else do it for you.

4. Sales- Sales is another position that is good for you to do.  But like negotiations, you'll want to let go of this as well.

5. Closings- Your closings should ALWAYS be taken care of by one of the following...

- Title Company/ Agent
- Attorney
- or a Virtual Closing Coordinator

Leave this part up to the experts.

No matter what the task is, always ask yourself if you can make better use of your time, and what systems can be put in place in order to prevent you from doing it yourself.

Of course, you can create these systems yourself...

But you can also implement the system in this video and skip the learning curve >>>

It's coming down Tonight!

Now go and close some deals... virtually!

~ Jamel

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