What does it take to be Successful

5 thoughts on “What does it take to be Successful

  1. Woooow !!!!! This was VERY INSPIRATIONAL!!!!

    I Love The Different Ways They Approached The

    Meaning Of Success….I Will Pass This ON !!!!

    Thanks Jamel

  2. Great pep talk but no details. Successful at what? Like Robert Kyosaki’s book, great theory but no details. You think the successful will ever give away their real secrets? Find those out and then you’ll be successful. Then you can go sleepless and hungry because you’ll know thre’s a nice reward waiting. What I believe is that most people who are successful at something seem to be on a path that was meant to be for them, even if it involves alot of effort and struggle.They are driven because of something they know or feel inside themselves. If you pick a path that wasn’t meant to be, you’ll be wasting alot of time and effort needlessly. And finding that path is probably the hardest part.

  3. Hey Tim,

    I agree with you. BUT… You know there’s always a but 🙂 I think that you can use your imagination and apply it to whatever you want out of life.

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