Struck Off Property Investing: The Real Secret Behind It All


Sometimes when a property is not sold at a tax sale, the property will be withdrawn from the sale. Other times, the properties that are not sold become "Struck Off" properties.  So let's talk about struck off property investing.

Struck off property is real estate that is overdue in property taxes and usually a big headache for the local government. Basically, these properties are tax lien resales.

Most of these properties DON'T sell at the auction and this leaves an opportunity for investors to grab them up from the county directly.

The good thing about the "Struck Off" property list, is that the county will usually just want you to take care of the back taxes owed on the property... and it's yours.

This can leave HUGE spreads for investors to make tons of money on these deals.

As an investor, you wanna be educated on several different strategies. You also want to have different sources for getting properties as well.

That's why it's good to know how to buy REOs, and do some rehabs, and rent some properties, and buy some tax certificates and deeds, and to do some lease option, and so on.  

This keeps your business afloat!

I honestly think that adding struck off property investing to your other strategies will help you grow as an investor. AND put more cash in your pockets.

In order to learn more about this strategy...

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