My Short Sale Rant…

Over the past 11 years of being in the real estate business, the
one type of deal that I've always disliked was a short sale.

There are many reason why I didn't like doing short sales and if
you've ever done any yourself you'd probably know what I'm talking

I mean I've done it all in real estate.  Everything from rehabbing,
land lording, wholesaling, etc.  But through it all, the one lead
source that has ALWAYS been a headache for me was the short sale.

Until now... see what I mean here >>>

You see, before you had to...

1. Get the short sale package signed and processed
2. Negotiate with the banks
3. Wait months in order to settle the transaction with no guarantee
that you'll close and be paid for your time.

I mean it was a big headache.

Now I'm not saying that short sales are bad.  In fact, if you do it
right you can have some of your biggest pay days with short sales.

But those are the key words... "If you do it right".

And nowadays with all of the new laws preventing investors from
flipping short sales, it's just frustrating.

And that's exactly why I wanted to introduce you to a "new
that a friend of mine was able to perfect and implement
that allows him to "wholesale short sales" across the country and
skip the headaches and time spent waiting for your deals to close.

This is just as good as assigning contracts.

I met this guy back in February in Tampa, Florida at a mastermind
that I attended with some of the most influential real estate
business minds in the country.

Him and his partner are 2 guys that you need to know if you wanna
crush it with short sales in 2013.

Now as you know, I don't endorse ANYTHING I haven't done myself.
And I've managed to close a few deals using this method.  So I know
it works, and it's easy.

Let's be clear... I'm not saying this is the end all be all.  What
I'm saying is, this is something that you need to have as a part of
your business.

With that said....

Watch this video now and all of the details will be explained to
you >>>

Now go and take action!

~ Jamel


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