How to Invest in Satellite Markets Virtually

Over the past month or so, my team and I tapped into the Savannah GA

This market has proven to be a great wholesale market for us. Lots
of great opportunities.

As you know, I live in PA (over 12 hours away from GA), so how is it that
I'm able to invest in these satellite markets without being there?

I'll answer that in just a sec. But first, I want you to think
about why its possible to invest in other markets without being


Think about it like this, if McDonalds and other fast food
restaurants had to have their headquarters in every market they are
located in, they wouldn't be able to expand.

Instead, these businesses set up satellite locations in order to organize their
businesses in that market.

Now as you know these major franchises are all brick and mortar
types of businesses, they have physical locations in their
satellite markets.

The cool thing about the real estate business is that all of this
can be done virtually.

Over the past few years I've managed to tap into the Florida
market, the Georgia market, the North Carolina market, the Boston
market, Nebraska market, Indiana, Chicago, New Jersey, New York,
Maryland, Delaware, Virginia as well as several other markets all
while living in PA.

And I can tell you that I've never been to a lot of these areas before.

This is all because I am not restraining myself to one market.

The KEY is having the right "systems" in place.

This video shows you how to accomplish this without ever leaving
your home >>>

Now go and close some deals!

~ Jamel

p.s. Look out for an email tomorrow. In it, I'm going to reveal what
types of systems you need to in order to invest virtually.

For now, watch this video to get started >>>

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