The Perfect Compliment to the REO Business

Right now there are over 2.5 million REO's that are available or
sitting in shadow inventory.  And as you know I love to wholesale
REO houses. 

Unfortunately, even I can't get all of the deals when I'm looking
for REO properties to wholesale.  And that's exactly why I've
started looking into Real Estate Notes in order to pick up the
properties that didn't sell as REO properties.

To me it's the perfect compliment to my REO business. 

The difference is, there are over 10 million real estate notes
available compared to the 2.5 million REOs. And after the first 120
days of being listed with a Realtor, the REO inventory becomes
deeply discounted real estate notes.

So in reality, you can get the notes MUCH cheaper than an REO

Can you see why this opportunity is so HUGE?

So if you added the 10 million notes to the 2.5 million REOs,
you're looking at enough properties to keep your business afloat
for quite some time.

With REOs, you'll purchase these properties through Realtors.  But
with notes, you'll focus on purchasing these properties directly
from the mortgage servicing companies that work for the private
equity companies (i.e. hedge funds)

This is a HUGE opportunity that I am jumping into myself and if you
don't want to miss the boat then…

Watch this video now… it's coming down tomorrow!

Talk soon!

~ Jamel

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