Want Rental Properties? Here’s Why I’ll NEVER Rent Another Single Family Property

So, over my 11 years of being in the real estate business, I've
managed to have my fair share of single family rental properties.

And although it's nice to see money coming in monthly, whenever
those tenants moved out ( if I didn't have another tenant lined up
immediately) I would lose money.

On top of that, if you own multiple rental properties and something
went wrong in a few of them at 3 o'clock in the morning...

That nice little property that's bringing in income for you can
quickly become a headache and an expense.

Ask me how I know!

When you're renting out single family properties, you had better be
cash rich.  If not, you can expect problems.

Now I'm not saying that all rentals are bad.

Take for example... apartment buildings.

When one apartment becomes vacant, usually theirs a waiting list of
people that are ready to move in.

In addition to that, when an apartment becomes vacant, the other
apartments will still pay for the expenses and put revenue in your

The best part about apartment building investing is you can get
started with no money or credit,  just like with single family

To me, apartment buildings are the best sources for residual income
in the real estate business.

And if this is something that you're interested in looking into,
you can...
Watch this Video to Get Started >>>
Now go make some money!
~ Jamel


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