Things you MUST Outsource in Your REI Business… Or You Will FAIL!

Up until 5 or so years ago, I tried to do everything in my REI
business.  I was the guy who wore all the hats.  Although I've
learned much about the business because of that experience, I feel
as if I could've done a lot more deals during my first 7 years in
the business.
The reason I say this is because it wasn't until AFTER I started
outsourcing, that my business really took off.  Here's what I did I
did in order to begin outsourcing…
1. I looked at my business and the things I was doing daily.
2. I started taking notice of what I hated doing and procrastinated
on getting done
3. I made the decision to start finding people to replace myself
and to handle things that I didn't want to do.  Things like talking on
the phone with sellers, taking pictures of properties, hanging signs, etc.
4. I found rockstars to handle mundane tasks and other aspects of
my business
5. I paid them a percentage instead of a salary at first
6. I focused on what I was good at
And because of this, I now only work on my REI business 3-5 hours
weekly TOPS!  And I'm pulling in more revenue from my business than
Bottom line…
One man didn't build Rome, therefore you can't build your business
And tonight I'm going to show you what I do every month in order to
continually do deals and build my business.
I'm NOT going to give you hype and theory.  I am proud to say that
I am one of very few "real estate educators" out there actually doing
deals.  And on this call, I am going to show you "real proof" of
recent deals I have done.
The call starts at 9PM EST.  I'm expecting the lines to be full
being that I've invited over 20,000 people, there are only 1000
lines open, and all of them are almost taken.
But you still have time…
Register NOW to grab one of the few spots available >>>
I look forward to seeing you on the call!
~ Jamel

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