Real Estate Training: Your Pass To An ONLINE Real Estate Event

I have BIG news for you.

I’m going to be speaking at Net Income Real Estate’s LIVE, full-day
online Real Estate training event that they’re holding on June 20th
and I’m SUPER EXCITED about it.

You’re the FIRST to hear about it, so if you get moving right now
you can reserve one of the seats at no cost! (A little treat for
being one of my subscribers)

Here’s the link to watch a video and to register

I, along with four other Real Estate professionals have agreed to
show you the exact strides we’ve taken to become successful in real
estate. We’re releasing what we’re doing right now, what works for
us, and the strategies that allow us to generate $10k, $30k, $50k
or even $100k a month or more in profit doing real estate, directly
in our own home towns.

Here’s the link for you to register.  If you want some more info
first before going to the registration page, keep reading below:

There are new, trade secrets when it comes to making money flipping
real estate…and I’ve got them for you.
Net Income Real Estate has
arranged this awesome event that I’m super excited to be a part of.
Five industry pros, including myself are prepared to reveal our
specific methodologies so that you too can start applying them in
your home town. 

On June 20th, spend a full day online with us real estate
professionals and discover how to find, fund, and flip real estate
deals in your home town
, part-time or full-time, giving you the
power to create extra income or wealth for life.

Reserve your seat here

Here’s why you need to attend this full-day, multiple-speaker
online event: 
•    Discover how to make the most money possible from the next Real
Estate Rebound which is happening right now
•    Learn how to find, fund and flip houses in your hometown that can
bring you $30,000, $40,000 or even $50,000 in profit per deal
•    See what 5 different experts are doing right now to make money in
today's Rebounding Real Estate market
•    Learn how to identify properties in your hometown that even the
pros are overlooking
•    Discover how to find eager investors who are ready to hand you
$50,000 - $100,000 to fund your flips
•    Plus, when you register you’ll get instant access to over $250 in
free bonuses (actually, it’s closer to $500 in free bonuses)

The bottom line is – real estate is rebounding… and it’s happening
now. Prices have already hit rock bottom, and they’re on their way
…and if you think all the bargains are gone… you’re dead wrong.

Every day there are thousands of people finding great deals that
only insiders like me know about, buying them with other people’s
, and flipping those houses, condos, or rental properties for

Watch this video to discover how

Net Income Real Estate told me they reached out to me because
they're looking to gather some of the best and brightest in the
industry, and along with the other speakers, we are going to show
you exactly how we’re making money, right now in today’s rebounding
real estate market.

Today, the name of the game is ‘flipping,’ and it’s no longer
reserved for the rich…follow the link below, register for the free,
online event, and find out how you can get started claiming your
fair share of the action.

Here’s that link one more time to reserve a seat
Now go and take action!,
PS: I hate PS’s, but this event is worthy of one.  So that you
don’t need to scroll up, here’s that registration link one more
.  As a reminder, once you register you’ll get instant access
to close to $500 in free bonuses.  Go here to register

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