The “Dark Side” of Real Estate Investing

Sometimes you might think that I talk a good one when it comes to
real estate investing.

You might even think that it's the "end all be all" because of how I
talk about it.

But, the truth is... there's actually a "dark side" to real estate
investing that most investors never talk about.

Sometimes this can even scare investors away.

Here's what I mean...

It's not uncommon for someone to get a constant flow of leads coming
in. And because of these leads, the investor can do more deals and
ultimately make more money.

This happens everyday.

But, what happens when the leads are "seemingly" slowing down and
eventually they stop coming in... and they've dried up?

Welcome to the dark side.

No leads equals no deals. No deals means no money.

Thankfully, there is a solution to the problem.

Its called Marketing.

And the good news is, there are free ways to market in addition to
paid ways.

More marketing equals more leads. More leads equals more deals
and ultimately more money.

This is how successful businesses strive.

Do you need a marketing budget when you're just getting started?

No, in fact you can use my RRR system to get a constant supply of
leads on a daily basis, and after you do your first deal you can
create your marketing budget.

But will it help to have a marketing budget as a newbie?


Anyway when your deals are slowing down, consider ramping up your
marketing and watch how the water starts to flow again.

If you wanna see how you can get a consistent supply of leads
without spending money on marketing then watch the video below....

Watch this video now>>>

And remember, when you do your first deal, take some of the profit
and use it for marketing in order to keep the deals coming in.

See ya.


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