Real Estate Investing Question? Get Them Answered…


I'm in the process of creating more content rich training videos for my House Flippin' 101 episode on Youtube.

But instead of me creating videos on what "I THINK" you want to know, I 'd much rather get the questions straight from you.

With that said…

Below in the "comments" section I want you to ask me your "single most burning question" in regards to real estate investing.

Over the next few months I'm looking to create a new House Flippin' 101 video every week.

So go ahead and ask away.

BTW- If you're at all interested in commercial real estate investing, I have something special coming to you on Thursday.

Be sure to check your emails.

Talk soon!


Go ahead and ask your Real Estate Investing Question below...

21 thoughts on “Real Estate Investing Question? Get Them Answered…

  1. say i had a seller who wants to b done with their property they have 20000k in the prop but owe about 40000k how can i solve their problem GIBBS can u help

  2. What is the best way to get sellers now that the market is starting to turnaround? Inventory is very short in many major markets and prices are soaring. Why should a seller allow me to purchase his house for even 30% below market when he can probably get full price or above in a short time by listing it?

  3. Two requests-

    – how to do quick comps without a realtor

    – run thru details of a wholesale contract & the “out” clauses


  4. Hello Jamal,
    When using Transactional funding how does the closing take place once your loan is approved

  5. Hi Jamel,
    Looking for my first deal. How do I overcome the fear of buying a property and not being able to sell within 30 days?

  6. C Concerning self directed IRAs : I know you can pay yourself back at 16%, but what is time time limit on getting the money back into your account? Same calender/tax year?

  7. Hi Jamel; i just want to say thanks for the effort you do with your inspirationals Emails, Blogs, programs you offert, but nothing is more important on the sincerety way you espress, i’m understand a this present time i don’t close my first deal but if is not for those Emails and raport that make me feel that is not the end of the World and my faith still is there Day After Day and no feel defeated, now im learning and more educated to be there so i can help and everyboby win thanks again Jamel.

  8. I am going to look at a house today that I know is a good deal. Hit me up and guide me through this deal and you have a good customer for life. I will split the profits

  9. I heard of a way to get started in real estate with no money is by doing a double assignment. For example if I have a buyer for another wholesalers property have that wholesaler assign the property to me and I assign it right to my cash buyer. What our your thoughts on this and breakdown how can this type of deal be done from start to finish ?

  10. Hey J.
    ?4u. Do you think that most of these real estate investing guru’s experts are just selling the information on ie. wholesaling and other forms of REI, thereby making there most of there money that way than actually getting out in the trenches ? What’s your opinion on this?
    N.Thorn Jr.

  11. I am just Starting with limited knowledge, what would you say I should do before investing my cash.

  12. I had a cash buyer call me the other day and wanted to buy properties. He wanted to know if I was the one who had the property or that I was wholesaling other wholesalers properties. Because he had bad experience. How do you respond to him?

  13. Who is the best transactional funder who provides a bank statement without charging an arm and a leg? Thanks for your response.

  14. Hello Jamil

    What is the quickest most efficient way to find a good flip buy and

    tie it up ? An option ?

    If you have more than one, please elucidate.

    Craig H

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