Unlock Your Real Estate Investing Potential (use this daily)

Today I have an easy way for you to unlock ALL your
real estate investing potential while pursuing this business.

This is a simple trick that I learned a while back and it works

It's a super simple method that MOST (if not ALL) of the most
successful entrepreneurs out there use.

The best part is, it only takes about 5 minutes a day.

There is a catch though.

It has NOTHING to do with buying real estate, finding buyers,
finding leads or anything related to investing…

but it will automatically program your mind to achieve faster success,
then you ever thought possible.

In fact, I'd venture to say you're 50% more likely to
achieve ANY goal in life using this 5 minute exercise
five to seven days of the week.

I call it "The 5 Minute Secret".

It will take a little bit of time and effort to get this going,
but it will only require 5 minutes a day after that.

Ok...curious yet??? 🙂

Let me quickly explain the setup and the actual
exercise itself.

1. Get yourself one 3x5 index card (or several if you'd

2. Write "REI Goal(s)" at the top of the card.

I know we all have many areas in our life that need our
focus and attention...

But all you have to do is focus on your REI goals
and every other area will get more attention and be more balanced.

You'll see, it happens automatically.

3. Next, find a picture of something you want out of this business.
Then tape it on the back of your 3x5 card.

It can be anything…

Maybe the car of your dreams
Maybe the house that you want to live in
Maybe to be debt free…

Whatever it is, find a picture that relates to that one thing
you want.

4. Now write a specific goal or statement of purpose for what
you want to achieve within the next 90 days on the front of your

A statement of purpose simply defines what you'd like to achieve
within the next couple of months.

For example...

When I first started my 3x5 card for my REI business read like this:

I Jamel Gibbs am flipping 5 houses per month and making $8k
per house. And because of this I am debt free, and I can do whatever
I want, when I want to do it. I have no financial worries.

Notice how I wrote them in the present tense like it's ALREADY

This is HUGE because it programs your mind to believe this
is "how" it is - right now, which means you're 10x more likely
to follow through and live out what you've just read.

And when you combine this with the picture, you've just
given your mind everything it needs to achieve your goal.

5. Last, but not least, block off 5 measly minutes a day with
NO interruptions and read through your card several times
over while you visualize your new life already achieved.

You can do this for ANY area of your life. In fact, You should
do this 7 days weekly.

Trust me...


You will achieve so much more in EVERY
area of your life because of this 5 minute exercise.

- Yes, you'll mess up.

- Yes, you'll fail.

- Yes, you'll get lazy when I shouldn't be once in a while.

- Yes, you'll make stupid mistakes all the time.

BUT, you'll stack the deck in your favor in a big way because
you'll PROGRAM my mind for success almost every day of the
week with "The 5 Minute Secret".

I promise if you perform this exercise five to seven days
a week you'll eventually achieve your goals.

And if you apply the 5 minute secret to every area of your life,
you'll be happier, feel more of a sense of worth in your life,
and get a lot more done.

But remember, faith without deeds is dead.

In other words, you still have to TAKE ACTION. 🙂

But this little exercise can also serve as a great catalyst to
taking massive action.

So please, don't delay. Get yourself some 3x5 cards, block
off a few minutes and get The 5 minute Secret set up...and
PROGRAM your mind for success.

Remember, your mind is like a garden.

If all you do is plant seeds of interruptions, negative news,
and media overload on a daily basis your garden (mind)
will grow a bunch of poison.

This ends up carrying over into other areas of your life in a
negative way so you (and your loved ones) end up suffering.

But if you plant seeds of positive thoughts, read your 3x5
card and visualize...

Your garden will grow a bunch of healthy fruit in every
area of your life and you'll achieve more than you ever
thought was possible.  

WARNING: This whole process could also stir up a LOT
of emotion.

Because this simple method will have such a positive impact on other
areas of your life.

And I want that for YOU.


Because you deserve to be happy. You deserve to be
financially free. You deserve to achieve all your dreams,
goals, and desires in life.

You just have to PROGRAM your mind for success and
"believe" you can do it.

Anything the mind can see...it can achieve.

As "corny" as it may sound, you'll learn how accurate it really is.

So what's your take?

Is it something that makes sense to you??

Did it help?

Let me know your thought's!


10 thoughts on “Unlock Your Real Estate Investing Potential (use this daily)

  1. Thanks for sharing Jamel!! This is very helpful and should prove to be very beneficial to personal growth. Thank you for all YOU do!!

  2. You are Right on point Jamel, this is a great way to keep yourself disciplined.
    I will use this method.

  3. Thank-you Jamel for this insight. Somewhere I read ” a disciplined mind and a dedicated heart are elements of power”. This is a powerful tool for anyone.

  4. Great advice! Yes, I believe it will work because one things a fact and that is” as a man(women) thinketh so is he” thanks for the advice…going to start this immediately

  5. Thank you for the reminder it really has begun to help already. I needed that.
    God bless you.

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