Competition Free Property Leads

The name of the game is property leads, are you getting enough
of them?
Buyers are easy to find in this market.  So at the end of the day,
its all about getting consistent inventory.  That's what it all balls down

One of the main keys to being successful in the real estate
business is positioning yourself to get "first look" at property

You can do this by focusing on private "untapped" individuals
who may have properties for sale.

Think about it... Would you rather have access to properties that
are not on the radar or properties that everyone has access to?

Its a no brainer, right?

So unless you can eliminate the competition on properties that
everyone has access to, you should focus your attention on private
owned properties.

These properties include:

-Absentee/ Out of Area
-Probate/Inherited properties ( there is a difference between
probate and inherited)
-Code Violation
-Fire Damaged
-Free and Clear

If you can position yourself to get first look at these leads, then
you will be far more successful in getting deals than the average
The good news is, I want to help you do this...

This week I will he hosting a few webinars where I will show you
how you can find competition free property leads and position
yourself to get first look at them, allowing you to cherry pick the
best ones for yourself BEFORE anyone else knows about them.

Grab your spot here... Spots are extremely limited

Now go and take action

~ Jamel

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