[Quick Tip] How to Get FREE Property Leads on Google… (No Hype!)

Unless you've been stuck under a rock, you would know that Google
is the biggest and most visited search engine in the world.

In addition to that, did you know that according to statistics one
of the first places that homeowners look to sell their properties
is online.

Yep, homeowners start their property sale online. Especially when
they're motivated to sell.
This is why its important to have an online presence.

So in today's lesson I want to share with you some things that you
might need in order to build an online presence.

I also want to share with you one simple free tip to getting seller
property leads on Google.

So, here are 5 simple things that you will want to work toward
accomplishing in order to start building an online presence:

1. Buyer and seller websites- these should be separate.

2. A Craigslist and Backpage account- this is so you can post ads

3. A business email address- you can set up a simple Gmail account
with your business name.

4. A Photobucket account- this doesn't cost anything and will
assist you in placing image ads on free classified sites.

5. A Google business listing-  THIS is the tip that I wanted to
share with you today.

This is a great way to create some creditability for your REI
business as well as get some quality "free" leads.

All you have to do is go to Google and search for "Google business

Then all you do is follow the instructions.

Quick note: Remember to target specific "keywords".

For example: We Buy Houses [Your Area], Cash For Houses [Your Area], etc.

So when you are setting up your account and adding your name in the
title and description be sure to add those keywords in the contents.

See how it's done here >>>

Once you're all set up, Google will have you confirm your account via
postcard or phone.

Then you're done.  Your listing will be up within 24 hours.

Again, this is a great way to get leads and create creditability for
your business.  PLUS, you're competition is NOT using this strategy.
I guarantee it!
There are plenty of ways to find great "competition free" sellers leads
and if you'd like to get access to more free seller lead strategies...

Then Watch this Short Video Now >>>

Now go and close some deals!

~ J Gibbs

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