Probate Deal? Here’s the Best Way to Negotiate Between Multiple Parties

Usually when you're looking to purchase a probate deal there are
multiple beneficiaries involved in the estate.
This can quickly become a headache if you don't get things in
Sometimes different family members are harder to negotiate with
than others in a probate deal.
So, the question becomes how do you negotiate the best price
between multiple parties?
To be honest, it's simpler than you think.
Rather than negotiating with the beneficiaries on one set price,
what you'd want to do is find out how much "each" individual
beneficiary wants in their pockets.
For instance, if you are negotiating a probate deal with 5
different beneficiaries and they want to walk with a total of
$50,000, but you can only pay $40,000 for the house; don't tell
them that you can only pay 40k.
Instead of doing that, go to each individual and tell them you
can't pay them 10K, you can only pay them 8K each.
Negotiating this way, will make it easier for you to get the house
at a cheaper price because a $2,000 deduction seems a lot smaller
than $10,000 drop… even though your still getting the house at the
price you want it at.
Make sense?
This all sounds fine and dandy.  But, first you need to know how to
get the deals…
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Now go make some money.

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