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Hey Gang,

I know, I know… it’s been a while since I’ve done The Life and Times of Jamel Gibbs, but I have good reasons!! 😉

Today I want talk about a few package deals that I’ve been working on for the past week or so.  By the way… my wife is 3 months now and we we’re able to see the entire shape of the baby.  It’s incredible what technology an do!

Anyway,  I’m working on several package deals right now.  Some of them with my coaching students and some of them by myself.  On one of the packages that I’m doing by myself I received the package a few days ago.  The package is a 26 property package in Michigan.  I was able to pick up each property for $3000 each.

Yes $3000 each!!

Now, in real estate you don’t have to take the bank for everything on every deal.  So I figured that since I picked the properties up a $3k each, why not sell them at $4,000 each.  That would still give me a quick $26,000 wholesale assignment fee.  So that’s exactly what I did.  And guess what?  Just a few days later (TODAY TO BE EXACT!!!) I’m signing the contract for the 26 property package and I’m going to make a hefty $26,000 on the deal.

All for a days worth of work!!!  I’ll keep you posted as the deal progresses.

So the moral of the story is, just get out there and do deals.  Don’t worry about making a killing on every deal.  The vast majority of your deals will be small profit margin deals.  But they add up!  Once in a while you’ll hit the home run.  Just like baseball…

Get a few base hits and then get a home run.

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7 thoughts on “(New)House Flipping 101 with Jamel Gibbs

  1. I like your down to earth ideas. I was wondering if I buy your special package you are offering for $19.95. that I will not be charged anything else. No monthly costs for coaching or anything else. I do not believe in these additional fees and personally I cannot afford them at this time. I am having financial difficulties. Let me know if this is possible and if so I would like something in writhing from you. Other company’s like kiss ass real estate I had cancelled something I ordered one day and canceled the next day and for 3 months now they are still billing me on 2 different credit cards that I do not know what one of them is.
    anyway, please let me know ok. Thank you.

  2. how is it so easy for you to get all those properties,and i can’t even get foreclosure/preforeclosure homeowners to respond to my postcards and call me for the help that they know they need.i know that they are embarrassed already.but come on thats what i’m here for.what are they going to do wait until the sherrifs come before they ask for help?

  3. for a beginning investor, How do i go about finding package deals and can this be done with no credit and none of your own money? If it involves a Realtor, how and who handles their commission?

    Thank You

  4. Jamel,
    Good work man. I definately wouldnt mind more info on the nuts and bolts of that deal but would you mind giving it out for free?

    P.S. More importantly congratulations to you and your wife on the baby.

  5. this one is to charlie,you are going to send more than one card.how i do it is send a post card,8 days later ,send a letter and 8 days later i send another post card. and everytime i send that 2nd
    post card ,the next day or a couple days later i get a reply.

  6. single houses is one thing,but multiple houses is a whole new ball of wax for me.i came across
    this lead source ,14 rental properties for sale.can someone give me insight on making an offer on something like this. by the they are getting $ 9k a month in rents.thanks in advance.

  7. here is another one of those multiple house deals,4 homes,what i gathered 3 are retail.they are willing to sell single or as a package deal.help.

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