Why Posting Craigslist Ads Sucks When Finding Motivated Sellers

Most new real estate investors think that “posting”
Craigslist Ads is an easy, cost effective way to find
motivated sellers.

I beg to differ… (let me explain)

Although posting CL ads to find “BUYERS” is an absolute “must do”
in your business, posting CL ads to find sellers will more than
likely get you little or no results.

You see, I’ve been running CL ads for years now and I’ve tested and
tweaked what works, and what doesn’t.

I find that image ads pull far more leads than regular text ads. I
also, find that “searching” for motivated sellers on Craigslist
rather than having them search for you will get you much better

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t post CL ads to find motivated
sellers. By all means, do it! It’s free. But what I’m saying is
if you only rely on posting them instead of contacting the sellers
that are on Craigslist, you will be hurting yourself.

Just my 2 cents that’ll get you a cup of coffee 🙂

Now although it may be difficult to “post” CL ads and find
motivated sellers with lots of equity. You can use Craigs list to
“search” for motivated sellers with little to no equity.

They’re a dime a dozen…

And this video shows you how to take advantage of them >>>

One more thing…

The video above will be taken down tomorrow night. Just wanna give
you a fair warning.

Watch it Now >>>

See ya!

Jamel Gibbs

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