Motivated Seller Appointments: Here’s What You Need to Bring


I'm about to go and catch a flight to Tampa, so this will be quick...

So, one of my student/partners in St Louis is locking up his first
deal today.  We were also talking to another motivated seller last 
night and we are gonna tie up that deal as well.

That's 2 deals this week.

Not bad for a newbie coaching student huh?

Anyway, this morning he sent me a text asking what he needed to
bring on his first appointment.  I replied to him and told him what
he needed.  I also wanted to share this info with you.
With that said, here's what you need to bring with you on your
motivated seller appointments...
  1. A flashlight- In case the lights are off in the property
  2. A Camera and Video camera if you have one- This is so you can
    take photos of the property as well a shoot a video for youtube.
  3. The agreements- Obviously you'll want this so that you can lock
    up the deal... and I'll show you how to get it for free in a minute.
  4. A lockbox- This is so that you can get a copy of the keys and
    have access to the property.
  5. Business Cards- This is self explanatory.
  6. A Contractor- if you're new in the business and don't know how
    to estimate repairs.
  7. 2 Bandit Signs- One sign should be a "We Buy Houses" sign and
    the other should be a "Handyman Special Sign". The reason you will
    want both signs is so you can attract buyers and sellers in the area.
That's everything you need to bring on your seller appointment.

If you want to get access to the agreements and training along with
it click here now >>

Now go make some money!


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