The #1 Mistake Real Estate Investors Make (are you doing this?)

Today I want to quickly share the #1 mistake real estate investors make every single month when they are trying to scale their real estate investing business.

And this is important to grasp because it will position your business PERFECTLY to provide you with the life you want, so pay close attention.

First of all, you have to remember what the big picture is.

Most investors jump into this business because they want to make more money. I mean let's be honest here.

You're not reading this right now because it's good for your health. You're reading this so that you can stay abreast of what you need to do in order to make money in your real estate business.

Ultimately, that money (when kept in it's place) can lead to many benefits like:

- No debt
- No stress (which can then lead to…)
- Better health
- A happier family life
- Material possessions (if that's what you want)

And so many other things.

The bottom line is, we live in a world that is "money driven". Therefore, money is a necessity in order to survive.

And the more money you have, the easier survival becomes.

And THAT's why your interested in the real estate business. And to be honest with you, it's the BEST business for you to be in IF you want to work for yourself.

Now that we got that out of the way and you understand your reason why, let's go ahead into the #1 mistake that investors make every month when they are trying to scale their business.

There are 3 main reasons (maybe more) why many "so-called" or "wannabe" investors NEVER make the kind of money they deserve in their real estate business.

Here they are:

3. No drive- Usually, when a person is faced with an obstacle they give up. This is is HUGE mistake because when you give up, you'll never experience what your end goal is. And you'll always look for the easy way out.

So ask yourself this question: Do I give up easily?

Sometimes, people give up way to early. But here are 2 quotes to help you keep going:


" If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have
to settle for the ordinary."

~Jim Rohn




“Failure defeats losers, failure inspires winners.”

~Robert T. Kiyosaki


2. Not taking responsibility- In addition to giving up, people have a tendency to blame everyone, and everything except themselves for their failures.

I see this happen all the time. Investors blame…

The market
They say the home study course doesn't work
They are upset because they had to split a deal
They get greedy
They say it's too hard

Basically, they blame everyone, but THEMSELVES!

So the question becomes: Are you playing the "blame game"?

If, so, you would benefit from taking action instead of blaming. You can't expect things to come to you, you have to go out and take it.


“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!”

~Jonathan Winters


Now those 2 reasons above are good reasons for investors failing to reach their goals, but they are not the main reason.

The #1 reason why investors fail is…

(Drum roll please)

1. They DON'T re-invest their profits back into their business- This can be understandable, because most investors that jump into real estate as an avenue for income need the money to pay bills. Most people leave their jobs too early and end up getting stuck.

Because of this, they end up doing a deal and then spending all the money and ending up back at square one.

This is by far the BIGGEST mistake you can make as an investor or a business owner in general.

You have to remember that this is a business (not a hobby) so you have to treat it like one.

The best thing you can do is take a minimum of 20% of your profits and reinvest it back into marketing your business.

If you do this, before you know it you'll be making more money than you ever dreamed of.

Then, once you have a significant savings account (like a years worth of income in the bank) you'll go ahead and…

- Quit your job
- Pay off all your debt
- Be stress free
- Have better health
- Live a happier family life
- Get the material things you want (if that's your goal)

Do you see how it all comes around full circle?

The object is to NOT spend all your profits. BUT, set aside a portion of it to reinvest in order to keep your business growing.

Think about it like this, you can't run a train without fuel. Likewise, you can't run a business without reinvesting back into finding more deals.


"I have a problem with too much money. I can’t reinvest it
fast enough, and because I reinvest it, more money comes
in. Yes, the rich do get richer."

~Robert Kiyosaki


I hope you enjoyed this post!

So what's on your mind? How did you like today's post?

Let me know your thoughts below!

~ J Gibbs

7 thoughts on “The #1 Mistake Real Estate Investors Make (are you doing this?)

  1. Mr. Gibbs,

    Thank you for your honesty and clear direction. I can definitely relate to everything you said. You are on point. Thanks for being an excellent example.

  2. Hey Mr.Jamel this very positive information I am a new Start -Up in real estate investing you are true to the game, Tom Kish founder of Cash Flow Experts sent a letter to me early this yr.
    With different programs listening about you, an reading your emails is a great help to me. So if you have a few minutes
    To take to with me I would apperiate just email me thanks kindes regards
    H J Noel

  3. These techniques are great! I am so ready to make my move!!!!! Gotta get this program!

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