How to Become an Instant Wholesaler

This weekend, I've been in NYC. Feels good to be back in my
hometown of Brooklyn NY.

I came here because my father had to get a hip replacement on
Friday... I still think he's way too young for it. Only 56 years

Anyway, he's doing well and that's most important.

Yesterday, while I was in the hospital visiting him, I received a call
from one of my students (Maxine Burton from Omaha, NE). Here's
kinda how the conversation went...

Maxine: Jamel, I met with the seller this morning and she accepted
the $15,000 offer that I made.

Me: Really! That's great. I told you she would.

Maxine: Yeah, but here's the best part... I showed the property to
my first buyer an hour after I signed the agreement with the seller.

Guess what?

Me: What's that?

Maxine: I received an offer for $20,000.

Me: Great job. But I think we can get more. Go back to the buyer
and say this...

"Our asking price is $25,000. Your offer is at $20,000. Why don't
we meet in the middle at $22,500 and make a deal?"

Maxine: Sounds good to me. I will do it right now.

5 minutes later Maxine calls me back and says the following...

Maxine: Jamel, we settled on a final price of $21,800.

Me: That's great. We just made an extra $1800 just by asking for
it. So now instead of $5,000. You're going to make $6,800.


Maxine: I'm so excited. This is my first deal and we are closing
this Friday.

Maxine is one of several students that are actually doing these
Instant Wholesaler deals.

She's closing her first deal this coming Friday May 24th, 2013.

This coming Wednesday, I'm hosting a live webinar. On this webinar
I'll be showing you step by step how Maxine did her first deal, how Mel
from PA is on his 4th deal, and how other students are making
money using my Reverse Engineered Investing strategies.

I will also show you (in detail), how I was able to find, lock up,
and sell the deal in my previous trainings from this past week.

And also, how I do several deals like that one every month. In
fact, I've got another closing on May 27th and I expect to make
another $7500 on that deal.

YOU can do this too. And I want to show you how.

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Spots are limited to the first 1000 attendees and this invite
is going out to over 20,000 people.

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Talk Soon!

~ Jamel

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