Easy Way to Find Buyers for Your HUD Wholesale Deals

A little while back I did a training for my flip vault inner circle
club members on how to use HUDHomeStore.com to find buyers their HUD wholesale deals.
HUDHomeStore.com is a gold mine if you want to find cash buyers and
cheap properties.  This makes it easy to flip HUD wholesale deals.
Just to give you the gist of what the training was about…
1. You visit HUDHomeStore.com
2. Select your State and County
3. Under Buyer Type select Investor
4. Create a list of the properties that are available
5. Follow up each day to see which properties come off the market
6. 30 days later visit the recorder of deeds site in your area and
find out who purchased the property
7. Contact them
Obviously, finding real cash buyers for your deals is important. 
But the reason why this method of finding cash buyers works so well
is because these buyers have a recent history of purchasing HUD
So they're more than likely to be interested in purchasing more HUD
properties… especially if you are selling them for less than HUD is
selling them for.
Yeah!  You heard that right.
On Thursday's webinar at 2 PM EST you'll discover how to pick up HUD
properties for less than HUD listed prices and sell them for less
than HUD listed prices as well.
It's not rocket science and will make all the difference when you
start flipping HUD properties.
Sign up for the webinar here >>  (It's starts at 2 PM EST)
If you can't make the 2PM EST webinar, then there's another one
at 9 PM EST.
Now go and make some money!


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