How to NEVER Lose an Earnest Money Deposit with HUD

One of the main reasons wholesalers are afraid to jump into the HUD
investing arena is because HUD makes it extremely tough to get your
earnest money deposit back once you sign an agreement on a HUD

I mean you almost have to be on your death bed to get your money
BUT not anymore!
PEMCO, which is one of the largest HUD management companies in the
nation are now allowing investors to get their earnest money deposits back
(if the property cannot be closed).

Now here comes the BUT,

But… you have to use their special EMD return form in order to get
your earnest money back.

So now, you can get into HUD deals without risking your EMD,
without any money if you are using your buyer funds for the
deposit, AND you can do it ALL online.

This coming Wednesday (2 days from now) you're going to have the
opportunity to see…

1. How to NEVER lose an Earnest Money Deposit with HUD deals
2. How can can get access to the HUD document that allows you a no
risk way of investing in HUD properties
 3. How to sell HUD properties for less than list price to cash
buyers and have them wondering how you're getting these deals.
They will love you for this, and you'll be a ROCKSTAR in your
4. How to Quick Flip these properties to the same buyers that are
on the HUD site every day.

5. How to NEVER come out of your pocket on a deal.

6. How to use the same EXACT tactics (with a twist) on Short sales
and REOs as well

- And lots more.

Watch this quick 60 second video for all the details and PROOF of
the HUD EMD cancellation form >>>

Talk soon!

~ Jamel

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