How to Get Pocket Listings from Realtors (Truth Be Told)


So I was in my Realtor Tim's office the other day (you know the guy
from my youtube video) to sign agreements on 6 properties that I
placed offers on.

While I was signing these agreements, Tim wanted to show me his
fancy new projector that he uses to show property listings to
clients on a large screen.

While we were going through some new properties, he mentioned to me
that he was listing a property that day that needed a total rehab.

He said he had it listed before about a year ago, but it didn't
sell because it was overpriced. He said that now the seller just
wanted to dump the property, and he asked if I had any interest in
it before he released it to the masses.

I looked at the numbers and made an offer right on the spot. The
seller is supposed to get back to us today.

My point in bringing all of this up is because, had I NOT built a
relationship with Tim I wouldn't have the potential of making 5k to
10k on this deal.

Real estate investing is a relationship business. And NOT building
relationships can cost you a lot of money.

The problem that most new investors have is they treat the business
like a gold miner without a shovel

They wanna get to the gold, but don't have a shovel to dig with.

Thats not the way it works...

Why not get a shovel first (or in this case build a rapport with
your agent), instead of asking an agent for pocket listings as soon
as you meet em'. Even better, close some deals and show your worth
then ask for the gold.

That's how to get pocket listings from Realtors!

This is coming from someone who's been doing it a long time...

Just sayin'!

Anyway, if you can remember to build relationships, and show &
prove, you too will have agents sending you pocket listings.

BTW, if you wanna get a complete system on how to use Realtors in
order to send you pocket listings and then flip them to cash
buyers, click on the link below...

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Jamel Gibbs

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