How to Find Dirt Cheap Houses For Sale

How to Find Dirt Cheap Houses For Sale:
So the other day, I sent you a video showing you how I received
this HOT lead.  Then I showed you what we usually do with the leads
in order to eliminate the tire kickers.
Personally, I'm NOT in this business to sit on the phone talking to
UN-motivated sellers all day.  I'm in this business to make money. 
And YOU should be too!
In the latest video, I'll share with you how I was able to get this
deal under contract for 40 cents on the dollar.
Check it out here >>>
This property is worth $115,000 fixed up.  It's a 5 bedroom, 1 bath
property that needs $35,000 in work.  I was able to get this
property under contract for $45,000.  
You can see it first hand here >>>
These types of opportunities are in EVERY market, they are NOT hard
to find, and you can do multiple deals like these every month…
… and you'll get to see for yourself, what kind of deals you can
expect to buy if you want to make "real money" in this business.
Check it out now >>>
Stay tuned for more!
~ Jamel
p.s. tomorrow I will be releasing videos 3 and 4.  Stay tuned.
For now, watch videos 1 and 2 here >>>

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