House Flipping: Take the “Fast Nickel” Instead of the “Slow Dime”

Here's a quick cash buyer tip to implement when you're house flipping...

One thing that I like to do is bounce my buyer's offers off of each
other in order to get the highest price.

Here's how it works...

If I have 2 buyers interested in a property, typically what I will
do is say to buyer 1, that buyer 2's offer is X amount of dollars.
 Then I would ask them if they are willing to go up.

If they go up, then I go back to buyer 1 and let that buyer know
what the 2nd buyer's offer is.  Then I would find out what the
highest and best offer is for that buyer.

Ultimately, the object is to get the highest price for the
property, which will obviously add more money in my pockets.

Now on the flip side, if I only had 1 buyer who made an offer on a
property that I am wholesaling and I've been showing the property
for a little over a week, I typically take what I can get and move

The biggest mistake that I see investors making is that they are
greedy when it comes to deals.  Many wholesalers (especially new
ones) look to make a killing on each deal.  The object is NOT to be
greedy, but to get the deal done and move forward.

Maybe you disagree, but honestly I'd rather take a fast dime than a
slow nickel.  The point is to get your deals done, and go after the
next one. NOT sit on your deals "hoping to sell them for top

If you treat your buyers right they will buy from you over and over
again, which will amount to more money in your pockets anyway.

That's my 2 cents that will get you a cup of coffee today.

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~ Jamel

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