House Flipping Makes a Comeback?

Yeah, you read the headlines right.  The media is saying
that house flipping has made a come back.
The only thing is…
I didn’t know it left.  Especially with the amount of
properties that we are flipping in this market.
Check out the article here:
Let me know your thoughts below!

3 thoughts on “House Flipping Makes a Comeback?

  1. Hey Jamel,
    We make it a habit to only watch TV to see what we should NOT be doing **BUT** I asked myself the same question, “When Did it EVER Leave?” LOL!!

    Have an AWESOME Decade My Friend!

    Tony & Maritza

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  2. Hi Jamel,

    Enjoyed reading your posting of the WSJ story. This opened my eyes to other players who can make money from this housing situation.

    as I have limited money due to no business for my business and looking at those $200,000 paydays are lip smacking, and something is better than not participating at all.

    Knowing about people who represent investor groups, and the technology to keep abreast of sales, locations, price changes by foreclosing parties, and being able to see pictures around the properties using cell phones vs. from a computer.

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