House Flipping- Cash Buyer Tip #3

Finding landlord buyers is the best way to cash in when you are flipping houses in today’s market. The best ways to find these types of cash buyers is by keeping it simple. You can look for “For Rent” ads in your local newspaper. You can call “For Rent” ads on sites like and, and you can even call the “For Rent” signs that are in front of properties in your farming area.

Be sure to introduce yourself, and let the landlord buyer know that you are an investor in the area and that you find discounted real estate all the time. Ask them the following questions:

1. What areas of town do you normally purchase properties in?
2. What price range do you normally purchase in?
3. Can you pay cash and close quickly?
4. What type of properties are you currently interested in purchasing?

Also be sure to invite them to join your buyers list if you have a website. This will allow you to build your buyers list without a lot of effort on your part.

Check out the video below and leave a comment to let me know what your thinking!!!

5 thoughts on “House Flipping- Cash Buyer Tip #3

  1. Dear Jarmel, I real would like to make it happen. I want to know do you take on partners? Bobby Defrance

  2. Hey Mark,

    You are absolutely right. Real estate investing is as hard you you make it.


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