House Flipping and Negotiating with Motivated Sellers

When house flipping and negotiating with motivated sellers don’t be afraid to renegotiate your contract price with the seller if the deal is not selling to your cash buyers.  Use the house flipping tip in this video to start wholesaling houses now.

3 thoughts on “House Flipping and Negotiating with Motivated Sellers

  1. Nice. I like it. Never thouht about going back ( after contract signed) and renegotiating.Smart, and not to mention the low balling technique. Brilliant.Keep up the good work Jamaal.All the best.

  2. I will be attending your webinar tonight.

    Re: what to offer. What roll does the block and lot and tax yr/mkt value have? Or, do we need to get comps in the same area and property class from our brokers? If both, what do we do?

    Thanks Jamel,
    Steve W

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