House Flipping 101 with Jamel Gibbs

Hey All,

I can’t wait until we start our pitch free teleseminars. I’m going away on vacation next week (to the outer banks) and I will start the first call when I get back. It’s gonna be fun! I really do want to help you guys in your businesses and I can’t wait until the questions start rolling in.

Anyway, I have something else I wanted to discuss with you guys. Yesterday, I was able to assign 2 contracts and my total profit on these deals are going to be $6000. How did I do this? Simple, I found one property through a bird dog. I was able to get the property from another investor who I happen to know very well. The property is worth $110,000 to $115,000 fixed up. It needs $8k to $10k in repairs. I was able to sign the contract for a price of $61,500.

Initially, I was going to rehab it but found another investor to buy it for $65,000. That leaves me with a profit of $3500. It’s closing next Tuesday. I’ll show you the check when I get it. Not bad a for a days work, huh? I was also able to find a buyer for another investor in the area and I’m going to make $2500 on that deal. It’s going to close in a month… I’ll show you the check when I get it.

So what’s the moral of the story, well I’m going to post a comment daily on this site to let you guys know what I am working on for the day. You basically get an inside scoop on what I’m doing, what’s working for me and what’s not. I’ll take you through the entire process from finding deals to closing them. This will be great in addition to the teleseminars. It’s sort of like a journal of Jamel Gibbs. Great Idea, huh? Everything I’ve done during the course of the day will be documented and posted the following day. (Starting tomorrow)

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4 thoughts on “House Flipping 101 with Jamel Gibbs

  1. Way to go Jamel – congrats of your continued success. You clearly know the real estate biz really well 🙂

    Bryan Ellis

  2. Jamel I think your desire to help others is the fuel to your success. In reality that is the way it’s supose to be. Thank you for being a blessing. Wayne

  3. Jamel when you have time I’d like to discuss with you a program I’m doing to help people with Credit Repair, the time has never been better and I’m hoping you will share this with those your working with if you want you can check out my web site.. nothing fancy at Ok now my other comment.. I really like what your doing, I do have a question and hope you can provide a solution. You know many of us want to get started, but most of us lack the tools to make this a business, for example, a business plan, a web site to drive people to, voice mail so calls are pre-screened what I call systems. I noticed most of these gurus lack providing up with the tools or systems we need to get this business up and running with providing a package deal or where to go to get these systems intact. I think it’s important that we know where to get these systems and to know what these systems will cost so we can operate this business with systems. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.. Thank You Steve Wagner

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