[Highly Controversial] Can You Really Buy Houses with No Money?

Can You Really Buy Houses with No Money?
I received an interesting comment the other day that said the
"I do NOT BELIEVE one can invest with no money. I am 100% 
certain of this because of my experience attempting to do that for 
6 or 8 years. My personal goal is to start with ZERO and earn fabulous
sums of money. I have not been able to do that in real estate. I
have done everything I can. YOU NEED MONEY TO INVEST IN 
Obviously... I'm not going to mention this person’s name, that's just not my
But I can say that I feel a “little” sorry for them.  Here’s someone who’s
been trying to invest for "6 or 8 years" and they are telling ME that 
Low and behold, I've literally bought hundreds of houses (LITERALLY hundreds)  
within the past "6 or 8 years" without coming out of my pocket with my 
own money in 98.6% of those deals. 
I wouldn’t say that you don’t need any of your own money 100% of the
time... because that would not be true... and I’m no liar
But, I gotta say, it is true... you DO need money IF (and this is a big IF) you 
don't know what you are doing in real estate.  
Personally, I've never HAD to come out of my pocket in order to
make handsome profits investing in real estate. There are times when you will use
your own funds to do deals... But, I'm not the only one who does this
with no money down and without my own credit being involved.
Unfortunately for this person who said they have done everything they can,
they’ve been misguided and are most likely doing something wrong.
Scratch that, they ARE doing something wrong... 
I can tell you for sure that they haven't tried the methods revealed
on this week's webinar
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In fact, I just bought ANOTHER property with no money and I will be
making over $9000 on it when my buyer closes it in a few weeks.
You can't tell me that this stuff doesn't work because it’s working, right
now,  for me... and many others.  
And it can work for YOU too!
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Now go ahead and take action.
~ Jamel
p.s. So ask yourself again... Can You Really Buy Houses with No Money?
YES, you can!
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