Flipping Houses with Jamel Gibbs…Day 1



Yesterday was a pretty interesting day. I only worked a couple of hours on my house flipping business and I got alot accomplished. Here’s what I did:

1. The first thing I did yesterday was post some new ads on Craigslist and Backpage. I usually post them once a week. I am testing out a new title on my ads to see how it will affect the response from motivated sellers. My last title read:

We Buy Houses- Mill Street Properties.com

my new title reads…

Berks County- We Buy Houses- Mill Street Properties.com

I used the county in my title so when people look up house buyers in berks county I can have a pretty good ranking in that category.

2. Next my assistant stuffed some envelopes with some FSBO (For Sale By Owner) letters that were printed the night before. Just to test it out on the envelopes we used a purple ink pen. I don’t know what type of response we’ll get so I’ll keep you posted. The letters were mailed out last night. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

3. A while back I hired an electrician to do some work for me. After getting to know him a bit he asked me how I sell houses so quickly. He asked that because he had just finished rehabbing a property. And he didn’t know how to sell it. I offered to buy the property on a subject to deal. He didn’t take the offer at the time. He decided to list the home with a Realtor. I told him he’ll be calling me in a few months when his home is still sitting. So the phone rang yesterday and it was him. He said the Realtor couldn’t sell it. I told him I’ll buy it with $10 down and he’ll hold the financing. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

4. My assistant and I went property hunting for about an hour, then I called it a day.

Try some of this stuff in your business today. Look out for the video that I’ll post later on. Always TEST,TEST,TEST and remember that “Education in Abundance with Action Equals Wealth”

Jamel Gibbs



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