12 Simple Steps to Flipping Houses on eBay

Flipping Houses on eBay:
Hey It's Monday, and I woke up to a bunch of snow this morning.  
It's not too bad, but I can't wait for the weather to warm up!
Anyway, there are a bunch of ways to find properties that make for
good deals these days.
Let's face it, real estate has been and "IS" on sale.  And if
you're not taking action and making the best of this market, you're
losing out BIG TIME.
Each week, I send you different trainings on how you can take
advantage of the real estate market.  It's up to YOU to take one of
these strategies (or ALL of them) and implement it.
This week, I want to talk to you about another great way to
wholesale houses.  
This is a strategy that you can implement right from home, with no
marketing budget, and do it in just an hour or two per day.
All you're doing is "Day Trading" or flipping houses on eBay.
Here's how it works:
1. Go to realestate.eBay.com
2. Look for properties with a little more curb appeal
3. Find Properties Listed with "No Reserve"
4. Sort by price "lowest to highest"
5. Search for Handyman Special and Fixer Upper (Handyman Fixer)
6. Filter out the following property types:
Time shares, lots, land, condos, town houses, quit claim, back
7. Never buy a houses on eBay that has back taxes or the words quit
8. Always get title insurance
9. Be sure you are NOT bidding on the downpayment but the actual
price of the property
10. Stay out of depressed areas unless you live there.
11. Stay away from houses that are 900 square ft or less.
12. Get your questions asked before answered- DUE DILIGENCE.
Follow the steps above to find distressed properties and get started flipping houses on eBay for quick profits.
If you want more information on how you can "Day Trade" real estate
on eBay then... 
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Now go and take action!
~ Jamel
p.s. tomorrow, I'll show you how you can use eBay to sell your
properties, AND get the highest price possible.  In fact, you're
buyers will literally be in "bidding wars" when you list your
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