7 Ways to Flip Tax Delinquent Houses

Many investors (new and experienced) wonder how to flip tax delinquent houses for quick cash.
This blog post will go into 7 different ways on how to do it.
Each state has a total of 12 ways to flip tax delinquent houses for cash.
7 of these strategies to flip tax delinquent houses include: 
1. Getting a high interest rate- This is the simplest of all of the
2. Getting a tax forfeited property without going to auction- You
can do this by obtaining Tax Lien Certificates at a "private sale" 
without ever going to an auction. 
3. Acquiring the property via tax lien foreclosure- This requires a
little more involvement, but the results are well worth it!
4. Buying the tax delinquent property directly from the owners- You
can do this by focusing on the properties that are most likely to
go into tax foreclosure. 
5. Find the people that even the government doesn't bother to try
to find- You can find the NEW address of these property owners that 
nobody else can get a hold of. All  you need to do is create an account 
with a service like www.LexisNexis.com.
6. Inform the owner about a possible tax deduction for their property if 
they sell  cheaply to you- This works best when there are a lot of properties 
that are behind in taxes.
7. Flip the properties without paying taxes- Yes, you can actually
flip properties without paying the taxes on them.  And it's perfectly legit.
If you want more info on these 7 techniques to flip tax delinquent houses ...
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Now go take action!
~ Jamel


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