How to Flip Quit Claim Deeds

One of the main strategies that I teach in my RRR program is how to
flip quit claim deeds in order to avoid having to use your own cash
to close REO deals.

The strategy is actually pretty simple.  Let me simplify it for

Imagine this...

You are married and after some trials you and your spouse decided
it wasn't working out.  So you decide to get divorced.

Unfortunately, you own a house together and you don't want to
continue living together.  So you both agree that you will let your
spouse keep the house.

But there's a hurdle...

Both of your names are on the deed because you bought the house

So what do you do?


You sign what's called a quit claim deed.

A quit claim deed is an agreement that both parties would sign in
order for one party to release a certain amount of ownership in a

In the case of the divorce,  you would release all rights of
ownership in the house to your spouse.

Guess what?

It works with investing as well.  Using this method allows you to
sign an agreement on an REO deal, then add your cash buyer to the
agreement once you find one.

Then you would simply quit claim all of your rights in the property
at the closing, giving your buyer 100% ownership in the property
after you get your wholesale fee.

It's simple.

It's easy.

And it works.

And if you want more meat and potatoes on how to execute this
strategy along with several others when flipping bank owned

Then watch this video now >>>

Now go and close some deals!

~ Jamel

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