How to Flip Government Owned Properties Online…

So in this final lesson, we're going to go through the steps in
order to flip government owned properties online to your cash

In the first 2 lessons, we discussed what HUD properties are and
why it's beneficial for you to take advantage of these deals. 

We also discussed how to find cash buyers on the

Now that you have that under your belt, let's go ahead and jump
into the meat and potatoes of today's simple lesson...

First and foremost... here's a brief disclaimer:

Novice investors should stay close to their local market.  Experienced
investors can leave county lines if they want.

And finally, here are the steps to flipping these properties for
fast cash...

Step 1: Hook up with a registered HUD broker in your target area

Step 2: Search for properties in the top 3-5 counties
in your area

Step 3: Look for properties that are under the "investor" tab and
marked off as "extended".

Step 4: Place your bids on all of the properties... Lock the deals up and
wholesale them to your cash buyers
, using the method that I showed you

Step 5: You will have to use a double closing on most of these.  In
order to do that you will need transaction funding.

Step 6: Close the deal and get paid.

That's it!

Simple huh?

And guess what...

It IS as easy as it sounds.

See what I mean by clicking here >>>

Now go and take action!

~ Jamel

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