Your First Wholesale Deal: Do This and Get Paid…

Looking to get your first wholesale deal? Read on!

Yesterday, we discussed the importance of marketing. I gave the
honest truth as to why wholesalers are marketers first.

Today, I want to talk a little bit about 2 forms of marketing that
don't cost anything, but can make you a lot of money.

One of these lead forms will find you buyers and the other will
find you properties.

So let's dig in...

Method 1: Easy Cash Buyers

In order to implement this simple method, all you need to do is go
to Google and search for "We Buy Houses [Your Area]".

When the search results come up, visit each site that is listed on
the first page in order to network with the potential cash buyer.

Be sure to get the buyer's name, email address, phone number and

You can do this starting today. In fact, click here to get started
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Method 2: Joint Venturing

Next, we're going to discuss joint venturing or co-wholesaling as
some people call it.

When you start to network with your potential cash buyers, you're
going to need properties eventually.

If you are broke and you don't have the money for marketing, then
you'll need to find properties from other wholesalers in order to
make a deal. You can do this by searching for houses for sale on

When you're searching, you'll want to look for ads that give
evidence that they are from other wholesalers.

For example, you might see an ad that says:

Investor special, or Handyman Special...

... in the subject line. Those are the ads that should catch your

Implement these 2 strategies today in order to get immediate

If you want more info as well as other effective strategies click
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Now go and take action!

~ Jamel

One thought on “Your First Wholesale Deal: Do This and Get Paid…

  1. The only problem with this tactic so many gurus teach, Is that once you google cash buyers (your area) these so called cash buyers will in fact be OTHER wholesalers like yourself. Which creates daisy chains and decreases your profit. Great tip anyway bcuz if someone are doing this then atleast they are
    taking action

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